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Ticket Policies

Child Admittance:

The Minnesota Swarm follows the complimentary admission to children policy set forth by the Xcel Energy Center.  That policy can be found here: http://www.xcelenergycenter.com/guest-services/frequently-asked-questions-1


Single game tickets may not be exchanged under any circumstances.

Season Tickets are subject to our Ticket Exchange Program based on your ticket level and are subject to availability. Tickets must be exchanged at least 24 hours in advance of the game date for which they were intended.  Exchanges will not be granted after this time.  Please call the Swarm Ticket Office at 1.888.667.9276 to take advantage of our Ticket Exchange Program or for more information.

Ice Lodge Passes will be exchanged if additional Ice Lodge Passes are available for you requested game.

Parking Passes pay not be exchanged.

Lost/stolen game tickets:

Please remember that game tickets are like money and should be secured like cash. If game tickets are lost or stolen, please phone the Swarm Ticket Office at 1.888.667.9276.

If your tickets are stolen, you must file a police report and submit a copy to the Swarm, so that your tickets can be reprinted free-of-charge. Call the Swarm Ticket Office at 1.888.667.9276 for more information and assistance. If you should lose any of your season tickets during the year, the Swarm will reprint them at no charge on one (1) occasion. If tickets are lost another time during the year you will be responsible for a $5.00 per game reprinting fee.

Cancelled or rescheduled games:

In the event of a game being cancelled or rescheduled:

When the cancelled game is rescheduled you will be issued another ticket to that game.  
If you are not able to attend the rescheduled game the policy will depend on how you purchased the ticket(s):

If the ticket was purchased through a Swarm staff member you will receive a credit on your Swarm account for the face value of the ticket.  In the event that you received a complimentary ticket, you will be allowed to receive another complimentary ticket that matches the value of your initial cancelled ticket
If you purchased your ticket through the Xcel Energy Center Box Office, Ticketmaster, ticketmaster.com, online or another third party vendor you should seek information from that entity about how they handle possible exchanges or refunds of the purchase price.

Any ticket that is exchanged is subject to availability and all service charges or differences in value are non-refundable.  If you have question about the Swarm or our cancellation policy call 1.888.667.9276.


There are no refunds once a ticket has been purchased.