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Girl of the Week

04/14/2011, 10:25am CDT
By Jessica Baltes

Q&A with Kara from the SPT!

Kara is a first-year member of the Swarm Performance Team. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in marketing and works as a marketing specialist.

Kara has a cat named Lola. She is involved with the volunteer council and corporate well-being committee at work. Outside of dance and her career, she enjoys staying active with group fitness and yoga classes through Corepower Yoga, baking, and spending time with friends and family.

How did you learn about the SPT and what made you try out for the team?

I am a former Vikings Cheerleader and had several friends who also made the transition from Vikings to Swarm and loved it! This past fall, I was missing dancing and being part of a team, so I decided to try out for SPT.

Has the experience of being on the team been what you expected?

It’s been even better than I expected! I love my teammates and all of the Swarm fans are so supportive and friendly. I don’t want the season to end!

How familiar were you with the sport of lacrosse before you became a member of the SPT? Had you been to any games?

I had been to a few games to watch my SPT friends perform and check out the game of lacrosse. I had a blast! Xcel is such a great venue.

How much time and practice does it take for the SPT to get the routines down?

It takes us about an hour to learn the choreography and another hour to “clean” the routines and get them performance ready. We also use about 30 minutes on the field before each game to finalize our formations on the turf.

What is your occupation outside of the SPT?

I am a planner for Digital Marketing.

How does the experience of performing for the Swarm compare to your time as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader?

Both have been amazing experiences! The dance style is similar between SPT and MVC. However, Vikings is more of a time commitment between practices and appearances. The MVC dance on the sidelines during the entire game, rather than just between quarters, so there is more material to practice. It’s also a different team dynamic because there are 34 cheerleaders compared to the 10 SPT members. At this point in my life, I really enjoy being on a close-knit team of only 10 ladies. I also love performing at the X!

You started dancing when you were 4-years-old. Did you participate in any sports growing up?

I spent almost all of my free time in dance class until high school and then was a part of dance teams throughout high school and college. I didn’t have time for much else! I did participate in high school track, but dance was always my main focus.

What has been the most memorable appearance that you have participated in?

I had a ton of fun at the kickoff bowling event at December. All of the fans were so excited for the season to get underway and as a rookie it was fun getting to know some of the season ticket holders.

There are only 2 regular season games left…what has been the best part about being on the SPT?

That’s a tough question! There are so many parts that have been incredible. I LOVE the games, so I’m really sad we only have 2 left. Performing is always a highlight and some of my best memories with the girls are from game day.

What do fans have to look forward to from the SPT this Saturday during Hive Cares night?

We are really excited about both of the routines we are performing – we think they will be crowd pleasers! We are also planning a few things to show our support for cancer research. Be ready for a little more pink than our standard game day uniform! :)

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