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Girl of the Week

03/31/2011, 9:55am CDT
By Jessica Baltes

Q&A with Jenna from the SPT!

Jenna is a first-year member of the Swarm Performance Team. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in dental hygiene and works as a dental hygienist. She was on the University of Kansas and University of Minnesota Dance Teams.

She is married and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, working out, yoga, singing and creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles.

Were you familiar with the sport of lacrosse before you started dancing for the team?

No, I was definitely missing out! Lacrosse is such an entertaining sport, and I’ve had so much fun learning the rules and being a part of the games. I’m a Swarm fan for life now!

What has been your favorite dance routine so far?

We did a dance to the song “Rockstar” by Rihanna. It was such a fun, upbeat song, and the choreography was very intricate. It was a blast for us to perform at the game!

What is the group dynamic like on the Swarm Performance Team? How would you describe the other ladies?

I would describe the group dynamic as flawless. We all get along so well and when we’re together there is always a lot of laughter. To sum it up, it is a team of talented, beautiful, and intelligent ladies that have a passion for dance and the Minnesota Swarm.

How did you get into dancing?

I started when I was four. My sister was captain of her dance team, and of course I wanted to be just like her! It wasn’t long before I was on a competition team and dancing five times a week. I couldn’t get enough of dance and still can’t!

How does the experience of dancing for a college team compare to performing on the SPT?

They are definitely two very different teams, but both are extremely rewarding. On the U of M dance team, I learned that you have to put in the hard work to achieve your goals. It was physically and mentally demanding, but everything was worth it in the end when we danced at the National Championship. The Swarm Performance team has been a combination of fun and hard work. Performing on the field and getting to meet all of the fans is the best part. The teams are similar in that they both have provided me with amazing opportunities and allowed me to continue dancing, which I couldn’t live without.

A lot of the ladies on the team coach in addition to performing. Have you ever done any coaching or considered being a coach?

I’ve taught at Just For Kix dance camps and helped out with a few dance teams during their competitive season; however, I haven’t had the time to take up a coaching position. I want to dance as long as I can before I have to put the dancing shoes down. After that, I would consider coaching in a heartbeat!

You work as a dental hygienist. Have you had any Swarm fans come in and recognize you?

Not yet! I’ve had a lot of great conversations though with Swarm fans that come to my office. :) Swarm fans are the best fans. They have a lot of enthusiasm for the game, and it is great getting to know them (even in the dental chair)!

April fools day is this week…have you ever pulled off any really good pranks or had one played one on you?

I’m not smooth enough to pull off a prank on my own. People love to pull pranks on me though! I will fall for anything. The best prank was when my sister put tape on the sink spout. I went to turn it on and water sprayed all over my face. It was very unexpected!

It’s “Hockey Night at the Hive” this Saturday…will you be throwing on some skates and joining the fans on the ice after the game?

I wish! Unfortunately, I would not consider skating to be one of my talents. I will make sure to stop by though!

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