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Girl of the Week

02/17/2011, 8:25am CST
By Jessica Baltes

Q&A with Kristin from the SPT!

Kristin is a first-year member of the Swarm Performance Team. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in financial management and marketing management.

Kristin began dancing in kindergarten, and performed on her high school dance team, as well as on the nationally ranked University of St. Thomas Dance Team.

What was your first impression of the Swarm when you joined the SPT this season? Did you know very much about lacrosse?

My first impression was that the organization and the team had a fun and comfortable atmosphere and there was so much emphasis on the fans, which I thought was great. I had seen and played a little lacrosse, enough to know what it was all about, but I’m still learning some of the technical rules about the NLL and the game.

What was it like to experience your first performance at Xcel Energy Center for the season opener?

The first performance, and the first run out of the tunnel, was awesome! I liked how the lights are dim, and the fans are SO loud! It makes it feel very intimate and like a Saturday night party! Performing is one of my favorite things to do, and it was really fun to have my other teammates out there to experience that with.

Do you ladies get to watch most of the game or are you too busy moving all over the arena?

We are so busy moving throughout all levels of the arena, we have to try to peek to see what’s happening in the game. It is fun to listen when the Swarm scores, because it becomes so loud! My favorite part is when we are able to come down the stairs to cheer with the fans, because then we have a chance to watch some of the plays.

What has been the most memorable part of being a member of the Swarm Performance Team thus far?

The most memorable parts have been some of the appearances that we do during the week. It’s a chance to let the public know what Swarm is about, and meet some of the fans. That is fun because I have recognized fans at the games from talking to them at an appearance. It is also great making memories with the ten SPT members, and becoming close friends.

What kinds of preparations do the SPT members go through to get the dances ready in the week(s) before game day?

SPT only practices on Mondays, so the Monday before the game everyone will talk through what went well and what we can improve on. We will drill the dances for that week until everyone feels comfortable to put in on the field. All the girls will make sure that they are game ready, in utilizing our sponsors CorePower, Expressions MD, Sanctuary Salon and Golden Tan, so that members look and feel their best for game day. I personally try to get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water so I can stay active the entire game!

What has been your favorite routine so far, or is there one coming up that you are really looking forward to?

My favorite routine is one that we did the last game in January and one that we are doing this coming game, called “Rockstar”. It’s very dynamic, and is high energy! There are some games that we are still learning choreography for so it’ll be exciting to learn new material!

Congratulations on your engagement! How is the wedding planning going?

Wedding planning is going great! I like to get things done as soon as they come up, so we nailed down all the big ticket items right away, and now it’s coming down to those fun details. It’s fun because I can be creative and do things myself, let it be my artistic/craft hobby.

Valentine’s Day was this week…did your fiancé do anything special for you?

Of course flowers, chocolate and a card! But we have made lasagna the last three years we have been together for Valentine’s Day, so we made lasagna, and it was very good! He’s a good cook… so he helped me a little bit! This year we actually had practice, so I also got to spend Valentine’s Day with my SPT girls!

Are you excited to perform this Saturday during “Go Green at the Hive” night after a three week break?

Yes I’m very excited! It’s always a great way to spend the weekend. And after a long time on the road I hope the Swarm and the fans will also be happy they are at home! 


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