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Jordan MacIntosh Q&A

04/18/2013, 1:30pm CDT
By Jack Satzinger

Minnesota's faceoff specialist chats with Jack Satzinger

In just his second season in the NLL, Jordan MacIntosh is already being recognized as one of the best transition players in the league.

The Oakville, Ontario native has garnered a league-high five Transition Player of the Week awards this season and has been on a tear lately, scoring five goals in two out of his last three games.

Despite his ability to find the back of the net, MacIntosh impacts the game in a multitude of other ways as well. The RIT graduate is second in the league with 173 loose balls (team record) and is also fourth in the NLL in faceoffs won at 219.

As MacIntosh points out in the following Q&A, the do-it-all lacrosse player is what he values – and that is exactly what the 6-foot-1 transition man has become.  

Satzinger: You’ve scored five goals in two out of your last three games. How have you been able to find the back of the net lately?

MacIntosh: I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of chances this season, but I’ve finally been able to put the ball in the net consistently which has been really nice.

Satzinger: In the April 6 game against Buffalo the team scored a franchise-record 21 goals and you had a career-high nine points. Take me through what that game meant to you and the team.

MacIntosh: Personally it was nice to put up some goals and also help out my teammates with assists. As a team it was a great confidence boost. Buffalo is always a good team that we struggle with from time to time, so being able to put up that score against them was good for us.

Satzinger: Not only can you score, but you’re among the league leaders in loose balls and faceoffs won. Do you like to think of yourself as a do-it-all versatile player?

MacIntosh: Yeah, my role changes throughout the season. Earlier in the year I was playing defense and transitioning the ball up the floor. Ever since then I started putting the ball in the net I’ve been playing more offense, so I want to be anywhere they need me in order to help the team.

Satzinger: After that last win at Colorado the team has clinched a playoff berth. Is it a relief to know you’re going to be in the postseason?

MacIntosh: Yeah, it’s nice. Earlier in the season when we were 3-7 things weren’t very fun around here. It’s good to be on a little winning streak and solidify ourselves in the playoffs, but we’re still very focused on this weekend and going 8-8 on the year.

Satzinger: Going into Saturday’s home game against Colorado, what’s going to be the team’s focus playing them two weeks in a row?

MacIntosh: We need to adapt. We put up a lot of goals on them so you have to assume they’re going to make some adjustments. We have to do the same; if we go in with the same gameplan as last week we’re going to struggle because they’re going to prepare for that. We need to make adjustments, figure out what went wrong in that game where they were able to score 12 and find a way for us to score more than 17.

Satzinger: You’ve won Transition Player of the Week five times this year, which is a league-high. What does that honor mean to you in such a competitive league?

MacIntosh: It’s a big honor. Some of the best players in the league are transition guys. I like the kinds of players that can do it all as you mentioned earlier. Players that can not only score, but collect loose balls, win faceoffs, make a big defensive stop. When transition players like Geoff Snider, Andrew Suitor when he’s healthy, and Brodie Merrill are mentioned with me it’s pretty cool so it’s obviously nice to win awards and be recognized, but the biggest thing on my mind is winning the Champion's Cup so winning awards will come second to that.

Satzinger: Knowing this Saturday’s game could be the last time you play in front of your home fans this season is there any extra motivation to win for them?

MacIntosh: Yeah, our fans have been awesome all year. We have five wins at home so obviously we love playing here and in front of our fans. Like you said, this will be the last time they see us until the playoffs so we want to end the regular season on a good note and I can’t wait to see them until next year.

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