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Crawford Social Media Chat Transcript

04/17/2012, 9:00am CDT
By mnswarm.com

Crawford tweeted from the Swarm's Twitter handle on Wednesday

SAINT PAUL, Minn - Minnesota Swarm forward Callum Crawford joined fans for his second #HiveChat session on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Here's the transcript:

@Minnesota_Swarm Hey Hey, Callum Crawford here. Looking forward to your questions 

@SwarmYBL How did the Media Game go this past weekend?
@Minnesota_Swarm It went Great It was a lot of fun interacting with all the media people The Game was great too Couple of battle wound's!

@wamccarty Callum, Who's your favortie talk show host?
@Minnesota_Swarm Im not too sure, I don't watch many talk shows. But Ellen makes me laugh, does that count?

@roscoejenkins25 What's your favorite part of playing for the Swarm?
@Minnesota_Swarm My favorite part is The Team is like a second family to me, so getting to see them every weekend.

@tjottum Showtime, what has been your most memorable season?
@Minnesota_Swarm My most memorable season with the Swarm was my first year. It really exposed me to how great the swarm fans are #HiveChat

@pxp4lax Hey Showtime when are you going to make time to come #InsideTheHive ?
@Minnesota_Swarm have a lot of free time after Wednesdays, so you let me know any time after that and I’m all yours!

@pxp4lax Did i notice you using a new stick last game? Did you put it in the oven after the game to keep it warm?
@Minnesota_Swarm I call that stick en el fuego! Let’s hope it can stay hot for this weekend 

@pxp4lax How nice was it to have @beniboi21 back ? Really seemed to free up some space on the right side for you
@Minnesota_Swarm @beniboi21 he is our best player. Just his presence alone changes how a defence plays. @beninoi21 for president!

@SwarmYBL What advice would you give to young box players when shooting around the crease area?
@Minnesota_Swarm Drive across the crease moving your feet. Don't stop your feet to throw fakes, make the goalie move his/her feet

@alec_schimke What are a few keys to finish the season strong now that the team has clinched a playoff spot?
@Minnesota_Swarm Keep playing 60 min's of lacrosse. Our Defense needs to keep what they are doing same with our O..

@nmfleisch What's your pregame ritual?
@Minnesota_Swarm I don't really have one. I get a quick massage by Bob Beetle, walk around in my swarm socks. That’s about it

@wamcarty Callum, when did you start playing lacrosse?
@Minnesota_Swarm I started playing when I was around 10-11 years old and never looked back!

@Corporal763 Is there anything your teammates and yourself want Swarm fans to know about teammate Joe Wasson's battle with cancer this weekend?
@Minnesota_Swarm with everything we have win for Joe This is his weeknd n our hearts & prayers are with him and his family.

@Corporal763 What should Swarm fans expect to see from the Wings this weekend?
@Minnesota_Swarm expect their A game, they are coming to win so we have to be prepared to go to war for 60 mins

@SwarmYBL What tips would you give to young box players when shooting from the outside?
@Minnesota_Swarm Your stick has eyes! don't have to put it through the goalie so take a little off and pick a spot.

@Minnesota_Swarm hes the goat! 100%
@ReynoldsSBN And by GOAT, you mean Greatest Offensive Attack Threat, right?
@Minnesota_Swarm Greatest of all time! GOAT!

@Minnesota_Swarm Great fan support last weekend, I hope to see all of you this weekend to help us pull out a huge win!

Callum Crawford #98

  • Finished in the Top Three in scoring in 2010 - 96 points (32g, 64a)
  • 2X NLL All-Star
  • Holds a franchise record for most games with 9+ points (5)
  • Swarm record holder for most points (96) and assists (64) in a single season
  • Nickname "Showtime"


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