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Girl of the Week

03/27/2012, 1:00pm CDT
By Jessica Baltes

Q&A with third-year SPT member, Beth!

Beth is a three-year veteran of the Swarm Performance Team. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in social work. She currently works as a social worker.

Beth is married and has a pug named Pepper. In her free time, she loves to read, watch old movies, be active and go to the gym to work out.

Jessica: This is your third season with the Swarm. How does it compare to the two prior seasons?

Beth: Every year with the SPT has been awesome! I feel with every year I have gotten a chance to grow as a dancer, learn more about the sport of lacrosse, and get to work with talented ladies every Monday. I don't think I could compare each Swarm season because they all have been special, but I do think that each season has given me more confidence to get on that field and perform for our fans!

Jessica: Were you familiar with lacrosse prior to joining the SPT?

Beth: I wouldn't say I was familiar, but I had watched a few games during my college years! I feel I have a lot better understanding of the game now and really enjoy watching when we get a chance during our home games. :) It is so fast paced!

Jessica: In your time with the Swarm, what has been your favorite appearance?

Beth: I think my favorite would have to be the Holiday Bowl because we really get a chance to interact with the fans and pass on excitement for the upcoming season! It is so much fun to see everyone come out and support this organization.

Jessica: What is the group dynamic of this year's SPT like?

Beth: This year I feel we are all ready to work! We have really utilized our practice times and everyone has been so good with routine knowledge. This team is full to the brim with hard workers and a group of women that is so supportive. Monday nights are our practice nights, and I would have to say it is my favorite night of the week!

Jessica: What has been your favorite dance routine this season?

Beth: I would have to say my favorite routine was our dance to “Pause” by Pitbull. It was super cute, and Pitbull happens to be my favorite artist.

Jessica: How did you first get into dance? Did you have any memorable dance instructors?

Beth: I started dance when I was three years old with taking lessons from a very small studio in North Hudson, WI. I just loved dance and kept at it. I did dance at different studios throughout the years and was fortunate enough to dance in college and continue this journey with the Swarm! I had some really great dance instructors that have helped and encouraged me, I think encouragement was the biggest gift my instructors could have given me.

Jessica: You were recently married. How was the honeymoon?

Beth: The honeymoon was awesome! We went to Maui for ten days and it was perfect! We had sun every day and ate wonderful food! We plan to go back in 3 years. :) I would for sure retire there!

Jessica: What do fans have to look forward to from the SPT this Friday?

Beth: This Friday the fans should expect to see tons of energy! We have had a long break and are ready to be back on the field. We may or may not have a new costume. ;) Fans will have to for sure check out this game! See you at Treasure Island Field! Go Swarm!

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