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Ryan Benesch social media chat transcript

03/28/2012, 4:25pm CDT
By mnswarm.com

Benesch chatted with fans on Twitter Wednesday afternoon

SAINT PAUL, Minn - Minnesota Swarm forward Ryan Benesch joined fans for a #HiveChat session on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. Here's the transcript:

@Bite_Me_Bob How is #Neverland working out? Do you think the Swarm will do it again next year? Will other teams try it?
@Minnesota_Swarm neverland is a blast! we are having tons of fun being there and I’m sure some other teams will try it out for sure!

@Bite_Me_Bob Who does Beni's hair -- squirrels? It always looks like he just got out of bed. Does he own a comb? :-)
@Minnesota_Swarm I like to use the out of the shower look a lot...just dry my hair and put my hat on!

@SwarmYBL Do you have any shooting tips for young box players?
@Minnesota_Swarm Always remember to follow through at your target and step with the proper leg, and its not always how hard you shoot! be accurate

@McCormack20 With Heroes Night this weekend - who are your heroes?
@Minnesota_Swarm Obviously anyone who fights for their country is a hero of mine. it takes a certain kind of hero to do what they do

@nmfleisch Kids would like to know what you and the others do with your dogs or cats while you live in MN?
@Minnesota_Swarm My parents were kind enough to look after my french bulldog spike! He’s in good hands!

@Corporal763 @jmacintosh24 earlier this week tweeted that you all were doing some dye work on your sticks. Do you do the dyeing on your own?
@Minnesota_Swarm I have tried doing it myself, but i usually let the guys from Marc Mesh do it.
@Minnesota_Swarm I dyed my own stick for the cancer game this year...half pink half black! #2face

@wamccarty if you could pick any song besides benny & the jets after you score a goal what would it be?
@Minnesota_Swarm I think i'd like to hear anything from Justin Beiber or a little bit of country music!

@Corporal763 How is it that @CapitalLax hasn't had you on his Showtime with Callum Crawford show yet? Sounds controversial to me.
@Minnesota_Swarm We are in the works! Just need to figure out how much money he's gonna pay me to do it! haha

@ReynoldsSBN OK. I asked Callum, your turn. You have to be stuck on an island with a Swarm teammate. Which one?
@Minnesota_Swarm if we had a laptop i'd take @jmacintosh24 because he has the best youtube clips to show #chea chea boi boi
@Minnesota_Swarm if we didn't i'd probably take either @Suits20 or @thegreatcorbian

@maccartyApril fools day is coming up. Do you have anything planned for your room mates?
@Minnesota_Swarm absolutely! i cant tell you what it is but i'm going to get a few people!! #Prankwars

@martyarmy22 I'm 100% efficient on top of PP, what are you??
@Minnesota_Swarm not 100 percent boi, but not to bad! i need to use the old @martyarmy22 penetrator stick! #ripcheese

@Corporal763 Wouldn't it be great if the turf at The Hive was blue instead of green? I just wish I had 250K to buy and install it.
@Minnesota_Swarm that would be sweet! We should start a fundraiser!

@ReynoldsSBN Who you got for the Stanley Cup?
@Minnesota_Swarm I hate to say it but i think the NY Rangers have a shot if they can take out the Penguins.

@Corporal763 What reality TV show gets all the guys in Neverland really excited other than "Tales from Neverland"?
@Minnesota_Swarm Jersey Shore, One Tree Hill, and now @jmacintosh24 has Fantasy Factory.

@Ben_Dunnell02 hey Ryan, where'd you get your sick mesh? #itsabeaut
@Minnesota_Swarm I get my Mesh from Marc Mesh. They have been great to me ever since i was in toronto! They string all my sticks as well!

@Corporal763 With @Joel_Henry94 participating in rodeos when he was growing up, has he confused you for a bull and tried to lasso you?
@MinnesotaSwarm @Joel_Henry94 Not yet thank god! He's my roommate on the road so he better not try that!

@collgrimes Who is @beniboi21's favourite country artist? #HiveChat @Minnesota_Swarm
@Minnesota_Swarm Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Rascall Flatts, and Lady Antebellum all rule!

@wamccarty if you could pick any song besides benny & the jets after you score a goal what would it be?
@Minnesota_Swarm I think i'd like to hear anything from Justin Beiber or a little bit of country music!

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