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Callum Crawford social media chat transcript

03/20/2012, 1:44pm CDT
By mnswarm.com

Crawford chatted with fans on Twitter Tuesday afternoon

#98 Callum Crawford

SAINT PAUL, Minn - Minnesota Swarm forward Callum Crawford joined fans for the first #HiveChat session on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. Here's the transcript:

@Minnesota_Swarm Hey Callum Crawford here. Let the games begin! #HiveChat

@wildheadtatt How do the Swarm break the cycle and advance past the first round of the playoffs for the first time in team history.
@Minnesota_Swarm We need to play 60 minutes of lacrosse. Every game. We have a talented hard working team.

@JoelClark_Audio How's your bracket looking?
@Minnesota_Swarm I unfortunately didn’t get a bracket made up in time :( or I’d be dominating lol

@SwarmYBL What advice would you give to young box lacrosse players?
@Minnesota_Swarm Work hard, set your goals and make sure your having fun every day! Keep your stick in your hands

@dulax34 What are good cradling drills for a 3rd/4th grade lax team with players that are some what new to the sport?
@Minnesota_Swarm I like to use relay race drills! Making it fun and forcing them to cradle while running. Good for the younger groups

@JoelClark_Audio Where do you fit @CapitalLax in Neverland?
@Minnesota_Swarm I lost my marble. Escaped from neverland and became a pirate! RUN HOME JACK!

@kiminski24  how do you feel the young guys are doing and can they hold up for a deep playoff run.
@Minnesota_Swarm Young guns are doing great! Big part of our success! They will be crucial in our success

@apetz1 Why did Callum chose his number?
@Minnesota_Swarm It was the highest number I could take (without crossing the Gretzky line). It fits nicely! :D

@JoelClark_Audio What type of insect best represents the Swarm?
@Minnesota_Swarm A Bee ??

@Corporal763 How has your role changed this year with Tao, Card and now Smith on your side of the floor?
@Minnesota_Swarm I don't think so. a little bit of a learning curve with new players but, we all play within our roles comfortably

@jmacintosh24 Hey Mr. Crawford. Just wondering who is your favorite and least favorite rookie on the team. #behonest
@Minnesota_Swarm Fave = Everyone except #24! Least = #24 copies me too much! and is a few pegs too high!!! :P

@deantjohnson What are the most important small and relatively easy steps can MN make to create a bigger boxlax culture?
@Minnesota_Swarm Implementing the game at the youth levels. Having True boxlax being taught rather then field lacrosse in a box.

@JTShupe how do you feel the absence of Shewchuck has effected the offence the last few days
@Minnesota_Swarm He's been missed for sure. But Henry has done a great job filling in and finding a home on that left side.

@wamccarty Callum, I just wanted to let you know that I've really liked Showtime at the Downtowner. Will there be a new one every week?
@Minnesota_Swarm Thanks! we have one featuring @MBelisle85 coming out tomorrow! STAY TUNED!!!

@JoelClark_Audio Which teammate do you learn the most from.
@Minnesota_Swarm Lacrosse Skills... I try to mimic my game to Matt Kelly. And my fitness regiment I follow Tyler Carlson's work ethic

@joshforsythe how do you get a young kid into playing lacrosse, when there aren't organized games til 4th grade?
@Minnesota_Swarm Only way it to try to organize some type of recreational team/league for younger age groups. Exposure of the game.

@dlbutcher Best advice to a new young player?
@Minnesota_Swarm always have fun and make sure your doing something to get better each day Always have your laxstick inhand

@alyssaspencer How much are your guys is jerseys I want one??
@Minnesota_Swarm They start @ $95 http://www.theswarmshop.com/default.aspx?p=viewcat&showpage=6

@dlbutcher My daughter asks what's your favorite food?
@Minnesota_Swarm I love Turkey Dinner with all the fixings! and Birthday Cake (every day of the year :D)

@frosty_CDH_lax when did you start playing lacrosse?
@Minnesota_Swarm I started when I was about 12 years old.

@JoelClark_Audio If you aren't playing lacrosse, eating, sleeping, or thinking about lacrosse; what do you do in your free time?
@Minnesota_Swarm Train Lacrosse Kids during the week!!

@ReynoldsSBN OK, time for a curve ball. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with @beniboi21 or @suits20, which one, and why?  #MNSwarm
@Minnesota_Swarm @beniboi21 @suits20 Toughy! Benny Cooks, but Suits can fight off unwanted predators (much like in games) Both?

@GraemePerrow If the Swarm were to make it to the final, which East team would you most and least want to face?
@Minnesota_Swarm I don't think I have a team in either category. I just want to make it there. I'll take who we can get!

@wildheadtatt Does playing in the summer leagues help prepare the younger players for the NLL?
@Minnesota_Swarm I think the summer league is the best way for a young or new player to learn the indoor game.

@JoelClark_Audio Favorite SPT member? Do you guys interact with the SPT much?
@Minnesota_Swarm All of them? We only interact on game days!

@JoelECarlson Besides MN, what other arena do you enjoy the facilities and playing at?
@Minnesota_Swarm Denver has a really nice arena. The Pepsi Center! and Buffalo's atmosphere is great. But theres no place like home

@PiercetheGeek Callum, what song do you guys listen to in the locker room to get jacked before a game? #ChelseaDagger ?
@Minnesota_Swarm We listen2evrything Ross Forces us to listen 2 Warrior Every Game I get pumped up for PhilCollins In the air 2night

@deantjohnson With the new rules, did you specifically work on your defensive skills in the off-season?
@Minnesota_Swarm Me + Defence = Benched!!!

@UpwithTheMooses if St. Paul got a Tim Hortons, would you consider moving here for season?
@Minnesota_Swarm I would become a lifer! Until Florida got one :P

@SmithStCrx What's the number one thing the @Minnesota_Swarm need to improve on as a team that has cost you guys wins?
@Minnesota_Swarm Playing our game for 60 minutes!

@dlbutcher What is the trade deadline like for a player?
@Minnesota_Swarm You can't let yourself think about it as anything can happen in professional sports.

@alysssaspencer What's it like having dan ball on your team?
@Minnesota_Swarm Finally someone I can beat up!!!!

@laxjunkie_eman Callum : What is the pros and cons of not staying in Minnesota this season during time off? Simon days hello also!
@Minnesota_Swarm Pro= I am forced to grow up And find myself to be busy Con= I have to grow up, don't get 2 see the guys much+travel

@laxjunkie_eman How do you keep a straight face during the Downtowner episodes.
@Minnesota_Swarm I don't :D

@PierceTheGeek just a Phil collins fan, or is the "coming in the air tonight" analogous to LAX??  #PhilCollins
@Minnesota_Swarm PHIL ALL THE WAY!!!!

@alysssaspencer Do you guys ever play the rock or come to canada or close to canada?
@Minnesota_Swarm We have not played the Rock in the last 3 years. But we play in Calgary and Edmonton.

@Minnesota_Swarm Thanks for all the great questions today! I enjoyed my first twitter experience. Stay tuned for @beniboi21 next week! #HiveChat

@Minnesota_Swarm You can follow me @CapitalLax and don't forget to watch Showtime at the Downtowner with @MBelisle85 tomorrow

Join the Swarm's leading scorer - forward Ryan Benesch - for the next #HiveChat session on Wednesday, March 28 at 1:30 p.m. CT. To participate, follow the Minnesota Swarm's official Twitter handle - @Minnesota_Swarm - and use the #HiveChat hashtag to ask a question.

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