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The Swarm Experience

02/27/2012, 12:30pm CST
By Jessica Baltes

Q&A with season ticket holders John & Todd

Buzz certainly likes John's homemade shirt!

John, who is widely known to Swarm fans as “Corporal,” has been a season ticket holder since the Swarm’s inaugural season in 2005. After seeing an advertisement around the time the team was announced, he signed up for season tickets and has been coming to the games ever since. He has created over 50 of his own Swarm t-shirts ranging from players to Buzz to the owners and coaches.

Jessica Baltes from the Minnesota Swarm caught up with John about his Swarm experience.

Jessica: Were you familiar with lacrosse prior to attending Swarm games?

John: I had hardly ever heard of lacrosse before the Swarm came out. I read about it and never had season tickets for anything before. Most of the people I know go to Swarm games. It’s been great.

Jessica: How would you describe a lacrosse game to someone who has never been to one before?

John: I’d say that it’s very exciting. You can really let loose. You don’t have to be inhibited. It’s easy to enjoy yourself, because the players are great. They are always playing really hard and they are going to give you a great show.

Jessica: You are well-known for having your white board at the game. How did you get started with that?

John: I really don’t know how I got started with that. I think that I started in 2008 and something just popped into my head.

Jessica: You are also involved with the Minnesota Stingers and the Fann Cup?

John: Yeah, the Fann Cup is a tournament that is held every year in July. This year it is going to be held in Minnesota. Basically, fans from teams across the NLL play and they also raise money for charity. It’s a great time for fans from Buffalo, Philly, Rochester, Toronto, Chicago, Boston to get together, play a little lacrosse, enjoy themselves and raise money for charity. It’s been going on for about 10 years.

Jessica: What are you most looking forward to this season?

John: I want to win it all and really to meet all of these new players. There’s so many of them... I’m interested in seeing how it all comes together.

Jessica: What do you like about coming to the annual Season Ticket Holder event in December?

John: It’s the first chance for me and a lot of fans in Minnesota to meet the players. They are all up in Toronto and British Colombia during the rest of the year. We need a little juice and we need to get our Swarm back on. This is a great way to do it.

Todd and his son, Simon.

Todd is a third-year season ticket holder with the Minnesota Swarm. Four years ago, his daughter and step-daughter performed as members of the Junior Swarm Performance Team. The event is held once a year and allows children ages 6-14 to perform a dance during halftime with the Swarm Performance Team. Todd and his family were hooked after the experience and signed up for season tickets the following year.

Jessica: What is it about Swarm games that make them fun for the whole family?

Todd: The games are exciting. There is always action going on. The community aspect of the Swarm is very important to us. The fact that they are very fan based, you don’t get many professional organizations were you get to see the players as much as you do for autographs, or even the owners and the coaches. They are willing to take the time to sit and talk to someone. They don’t just pass through the crowd. That’s really cool. It’s an overall great experience.

Jessica: How would you say that Swarm games compare to other sporting events?

Todd: The entertainment value that you get compared to other sports is definitely far better than anything else. That’s really important to let people know. You aren’t going to find anything better for the price.

Jessica: Who would you say is your family’s favorite player?

Todd: Callum Crawford is probably our favorite player.

Jessica: What do you like about coming to season ticket holder events?

Todd: Just being able to interact with people in the front office and the players. It’s just a fun way to get out and see people on a different level than just at the games. 


Last season, Todd and his son, Simon, had the opportunity to meet Swarm F Callum Crawford, Simon's favorite lacrosse player. The video is below:

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