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Welcome to Minnesota: Jordan MacIntosh Q&A

09/22/2011, 6:33pm CDT
By Alec Schimke

Swarm rookie Jordan MacIntosh takes a few minutes to chat with mnswarm.com

Jordan MacIntosh. Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo.

Back on the clock with the fourth overall selection for the second straight year, the Minnesota Swarm drafted transition specialist Jordan MacIntosh in Wednesday night's NLL Entry Draft.

MacIntosh, who just celebrated his 22nd birthday on Sept. 19, joins the Swarm as one of the most NLL ready prospects in this year's draft after posting impressive campaigns in college at R.I.T. and in Canada with the MSL's Ajax Rock and the OLA Jr. A’s Burlington Chiefs.

This past summer, MacIntosh tore it up in the MSL as a rookie, winning MSL Rookie of the Year and IL Indoor MSL Transition Player of the Year. MacIntosh recorded a team-high 28 goals, dished out 24 assists in 14 games and his 52 points ranked 14th in the league.

For those not familiar with the MSL, the league features NLL stars such as Swarm forward Ryan Benesch and goalie Anthony Cosmo, Buffalo forwards John Tavares and Mark Steenhuis, Calgary transition specialist Geoff Snider, and Colorado forward John Grant.

Those however, are just a few of the many talented NLL players that play in the league every summer. With that said, MacIntosh will enter the 2012 season with a good grasp on the type of competition that he will face on the weekends in the NLL. (Side note: The Swarm's #6 overall selection, Evan Kirk, also played in the MSL this summer, and started at goal for the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks)

Aside from his ability to perform on the field, the Swarm's front office pointed out that MacIntosh possess exactly the kind of traits they want in a Minnesota Swarm player. Stephen Stamp of Inside Lacrosse had this to say about the Swarm's fourth overall pick...

"Gritty but clean (only one minor penalty in 14 regular season games). Character. Leadership. Makes sandwiches for the team on road trips. Okay, he doesn’t actually make sandwiches. But he probably would if you asked him."

After Wednesday night's draft finally died down, I had the chance to speak with Jordan about joining the Swarm. And as you will read below, his draft day experience was anything but ordinary.

Schimke: First of all Jordan, congratulations on being selected fourth overall by the Swarm this evening.

MacIntosh: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Schimke: Let’s start with your reaction to being selected by Minnesota, how does it feel?

MacIntosh: It's a dream come true. Tonight was an amazing experience. If you would have told me when I was a younger guy playing lacrosse that I would be a first round draft pick in the NLL for such a great organization like the Minnesota Swarm, I would have thought no way. Hard work definitely pays off. I’ve noticed that they’ve made a lot of moves this offseason and are trying to go with a younger crowd. I hope I can fit right into their system.

Schimke: What can you bring to the Swarm next season?

MacIntosh: I’m a pretty versatile player. I’ve always played all over the floor...defense, offense, a lot of transition and I’ve always been pretty successful in the faceoff circle. I’m open to playing on the back door and playing some defense...tranny the ball up the floor to get some scoring opportunities on offense and battle on faceoffs to try and get our team more possessions.

Schimke: How did the draft experience go for you tonight?

MacIntosh: To be honest, it was kind of a crazy day. I go to school in Rochester (New York) at R.I.T. and I was in class this morning and left at noon. It’s about a two-hour drive back to my hometown of Oakville, Ontario so I got back there at about 3 o’clock. Toronto is only about 20 minutes away so we left around 5 for the 7 o’clock draft.

Of course, there was insane traffic with two accidents so I actually ended up parking my car, walked into the building, and as I was walking into the room, they were calling my name. I didn’t even get a chance to sit down. I was kind of flustered when I went up there, but after sitting here for a little while, it’s starting to finally hit me. It’s cool to see all of the NLL teams here and all the coaches. I’m just really excited to be a part of it. It's been an amazing experience.

Schimke: So it sounds like the draft was almost the least stressful part of your day?

MacIntosh: Exactly (laughing). That was the calming part of the day, finding out where I was going.

Schimke: Switching gears to your future teammates, do you know any of the guys currently on the Swarm?

MacIntosh: Andrew Suitor was actually my roommate when he was at R.I.T. We are very good friends and we’ve always played against each other. He was always an Orangeville guy and I played for Burlington so we used to butt heads when we were younger, but we are good friends now. I’m excited to play with him.

I’ve played against a lot of the guys in the summer…Kevin Ross and Ryan Benesch are both terrific players that I have a lot of respect for and I'm excited to play with.

Schimke: You and Suitor oddly enough both have a lot in common. You were both selected fourth overall by the Swarm, and in addition, you guys play the same position and went to R.I.T. Could you picture the two of you becoming a “duo” here in Minnesota in the coming years?

MacIntosh: A lot of people say we're similar. Suitor has that extra edge in him where he can kind of beat some people up. I’m maybe not as tough as him. We are very similar players though, we both clean out the back door, are threats in transition, and we can take faceoffs. I guess you could kind of call us a possible “duo” on the transition side of the floor in the future.

Schimke: Final question for you, have you ever been to Minnesota?

MacIntosh: No I haven't. I’m excited though, I’ve heard great things. My roommate my freshman year in college was from Minnesota and he lives in Minneapolis now. He always talks about the Mall of America and the 10,000 lakes so those are two things I will have to check out.

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