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Parent Testimonials



“There’s no question it did. He went back and played a couple fall games and had coaches comment that he looked better in just a few short months." - Jon B.


"Yes, I feel the coaching of box lacrosse helped the kids understand the fine motor skill movements of lacrosse. With the conditioning and the understanding of play formation, our son has definitely become a better lacrosse player." - Peter H.


“Yes! Blake had played box lacrosse before, but this experience definitely raised the bar for him personally because of the level of competitiveness! Because we were competing against teams from around the country that were very experienced and well versed with the physicality of the game, this encouraged Blake to figure things out at a quicker pace. We also feel that Blake improved with close quarter stick handling skills and overall agility. We also saw marked improvement with Blake’s overall awareness of strategies and knowledge of the game." - Bill & Connie D.

"Absolutely. In general, the rules and officiating allowed for a much more physical style of play, and playing within the tight confines or a hockey or in-line skating rink made the player really develop more refined skills. Players must make decisions very quickly regarding shooting or passing compared to field lacrosse, and must be more creative dodging, picking and so forth to advance the ball and generate scoring opportunities. And shots must be very precise and squeezed into tight windows with box goalies playing much "bigger" with all of the oversized pads and nets being much smaller in comparison to field." - Bob D.


On how MUCH IMPROVEMENT was SEEn IN their SON after playing for the jr. swarm:

"By competing against teams that were very experienced and well versed with the physicality of the game, we witnessed our son go from playing with some tentativeness to trusting himself with his speed, strength, instincts and competitiveness. Once he figured out that he wouldn’t land in the penalty box all the time when making contact with a cross check – we watched a more confident player emerge! Coach Caines and Benesch also did a great job of personalizing instruction, which helped Blake know specifically where to focus during the games and practices. Overall, having the opportunity to compete and be coached by this caliber (at this level) created opportunities for growth as an overall athlete. The benefits of being a part of this Junior Swarm team will most definitely stick with him for the rest of his lacrosse career. Blake has become more “athlete minded” with inspiration from the Swarm." - Bill & Connie D.


"His shot is better, he protects the ball better, he makes better cuts, he is aware of the importance of team concepts and how important it is to mesh as a team in cutting, picking and team defense. He is also more aware of the importance of good nutrition." - Bob D.

"From start to finish, I saw a vast improvement in Cole.  Box lacrosse is much different than field lacrosse as it is much more physical. He was timid in the beginning. As his confidence and skill level improved with the team, he became a much more physical player. We couldn't thank the Jr. Swarm enough for this opportunity for our son. He had a blast and this is something that he will always remember." - Karin H.




"This was an incredible experience for our family. I believe Cole gained a new level of confidence and skill by playing with the Jr. Swarm. It was amazing to see the transformation of the team from the beginning to the end. The kids were like family at the end. The coaches instilled great values in the kids and it certainly showed on and off the floor." - Karin H.


"I found that the coaches were very approachable and communicated very well. The kids really admired and looked up to the coaches." - Peter H.


"Aime Caines and Ryan Benesch were a great coaching combination! It was inspiring to see the engagement the coaches had with these young boys! This experience gave our 13-year-old son a memory that he will preserve for his entire lacrosse career!" - Bill & Connie D.


"I thought that Aime and Benny did a great job with the kids. The kids wanted to go to practice and couldn't wait to get there. They always had time for the kids and had time to listen to them." - Jon B.




"Traveling around the country with our son and the Jr. Swarm team was a great experience that will be etched in my son’s mind forever. For the families with younger siblings, it had a dual benefit; it was a great learning environment for them as well. When a brother or sister watches their older brother play in a national spotlight, it creates a drive to succeed and a work ethic that cannot be accomplished by any parental supervision or coaching." - Peter H.


"Traveling the country with our son and the team truly will be an experience our family will remember for a lifetime! We also appreciated what Aime Caines, Ryan Benesch and Alec Schimke did to provide team-bonding experiences as it became apparent relatively quickly that camaraderie was developed with the team, which can be a hard feat when kids are drawn from many different cities. Seriously- what group of boys wouldn’t like playing lacrosse on Newport Beach with their coaches? The quality time that the Swarm staff gave to these boys on and off the court communicated that they really liked spending time with them!" - Bill & Connie D.


"This was an awesome experience. The Jr. Swarm staff made sure everyone was accounted for and safe at all times. Everyone had an itinerary and the kids knew what was expected of them. They were held accountable to be at a certain place at a certain time and I believe they really enjoyed this freedom and chance to grow up into young adults." - Karin H.




"The Swarm community is truly a special group of people. We became a family! We were thankful for all the “extras” along the way. The Swarm truly shared their connections with the boys not only making them more competitive players but better people. Such as their instruction from other NLL players in Toronto, the motivational and inspiring talks from the NLL players, the nutrition discussion in California encouraging healthy choices and how to eat like a champion and the clearly-communicated expectations and goals for the team. The Swarm treated the boys like they were mini-pros! As a parent, I also was thankful that the players were taught how to win and lose with grace! Everyone that we came into contact with in this organization is a class act! We always enjoyed their positive communications with the team and truly encouraged the players every chance they got. At the same time, they pushed the team and each individual player. Other fun moments were awarding a player of the game with a very fashionable gold belt! Communications via e-mail were always clear (Thanks Alec!) and an itinerary for travel was always much appreciated! " - Bill & Connie D.


"My favorite part of the Jr. Swarm team was watching the kids grow into a special family, not only the players, but the parents as well, along with the Jr. Swarm staff.  I love that the Swarm have the kids get to know each other off the field with different activities such as talent contests, joke telling, and team dinners. I honestly believe that a team that spends time together will play better and I love the philosophy behind the coaching staff of the Jr. Swarm." - Karin H.


"It is tough to pick our one area. I felt the attention to the details of having a professional jersey and a media relations person helped make our son feel like he was playing like a professional, even though he is still a teenager and an amateur lacrosse player." - Peter H.


"The great memories. Spending tournament evenings, plane and bus rides and team outings with awesome parents and Jr. Swarm coaches and staff. Lots of things parents and the kids will remember the rest of their lives. A very special benefit for my son was that he has always been so shy but the whole traveling and team-building experience has really made him a much more self-confident young man, thank you Jr. Swarm and team parents!" - Bob D.